Don’t Let Fear Stop You


By Pax Malachi
(Written with Barton Moss Protection Camp in mind but applicable to life in general)

FEAR IS YOUR ENEMY! Its often posted on sites dealing with protest/protection that people would like to help and get involved but are afraid to do so. In fact anything you do in life generally that involves risk or uncertainty can leave you feeling uneasy and unwilling to take the next step. That feeling is completely understandable, we have safeguards built into us from birth such as a “fear of heights” it can be said that a fear of heights is a healthy or at least useful fear as it may cause us to step back from the edge and indeed the danger thereby preserving and protecting our lives. 

That said there is a second kind of fear, a somewhat less healthy fear that is indoctrinated into us from birth. From the cradle to the grave we are instilled with a myriad of fear based programming to keep us in line with “society” and to control us. Fear comes in many forms and is often unhealthy. The fear of failure for one, we are taught that success is the way forward and failure is unacceptable on any level. I would contest this as many of the lessons I have learned in life have been directly from my failings, and these failings gave me a chance to understand and deal better with given situations and indeed to make better choices the second time around built upon my experience of failure, after all how are we supposed to learn if we don’t error occasionally? Its human to miss the mark every so often and the lessons emanating from that experience are invaluable to us in future choices.

We are taught at school what to believe, what is acceptable and indeed how to behave properly…But by who’s reckoning? Just because something is generally accepted as being the norm it does not define it as the best option or even a valid option in some cases. But it is the option that will fit in with the society in which we interact daily thereby enabling us to communicate with fellow programmed human beings. Schooling is unquestionably accepted and we are told what to think rather than how to think, intelligence is not the retention of information as you would revise and memorise for a test or exam, intelligence is the application of information in order to join the dots and create/manifest/enable life to move forward. There are many advised scholars who can quite happily stand on the shoulders of geniuses and quote rhyme and verse the intricacies and principles of very complicated theory, but cannot apply that information in a practical way…..We’ve all met the person who can give lecture of numerous theories and practices but has no common sense……

So to that end we are all victims of our programming and we react accordingly to that program and apply it daily in our lives. Whether it is a fear of not being accepted, a fear of being misunderstood, a fear of being overly sensitive, a fear of being forthright in our beliefs…the list really is endless and the baggage we carry is extensive. We are all trying our hardest to get on in society and to be accepted. This can cause conflict with our belief system as some of us can see the bigger picture, can see outside the box and can apply ourselves to the matter in hand in a practical and productive way….but to do that we have to stand forward, we have to step out of our programming, into the spotlight…and that can be uncomfortable and leave us in a position to be judged and ridiculed by family, friends and colleagues.

But in reality what choice do we have? Passion wells up inside of me when I see injustice, cruelty, greed, hatred, oppression….I cant fight it…Its inherent and its dominant…its who I am and its how I work, it is the very centre of my being and it comes at a price amongst my friends and my social acceptance. I have friends so tied into the societal system, so tied into the monetary system, so tied into the belief system that they now appear alien to me and to try and engage them is infuriating as cognitive dissonance abounds amongst them. They actually believe the way we behave and are treated is normal and acceptable. They actually believe there is nothing they can do, that they are powerless and cannot influence change, and in many ways they are far more dangerous to the welfare of the planet than those hell bent on destroying it, apathy is abundant amongst the masses and those who dare to step out into the light are condemned, not only by the establishment but by their surrounding social circle, a form of self policing, and inevitably the expense is shouldered not by the individual but by us all collectively as a species, what we allow will become!

So we have a choice, we can let things continue and accept our lot, that lot being poverty, control and submission to briefly touch upon the long list. Or we can shed our fear because its not real, its just a program that we run, its a control mechanism used to subdue us and keep us docile!

“Be the change you want to see in the world!”

With regards to Barton Moss Protection Camp, making a difference does not mean walking the front line under constant threat of arrest, its not for everyone to run the gauntlet, but that’s only part of the struggle. There are a multitude of avenues to explore without putting yourself in the firing line. Yes a quick glance over youtube will find arrest footage, often violent, often not pleasant to watch and often frightening………But this is real life! We aren’t appearing in some lame soap opera here, we are fighting for our very survival, not only on the front lines at Barton moss but at every point of oppression and control and in every corner of the world. The planet is on fire with change at the moment and we need to pull together to drive that change. WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE! Nobody wants to put themselves in a position of fear and danger, but its not a choice anymore, apathy and disregard is no longer an option! This is way beyond the 11th hour, we are all part of the transition team and we must all stand shoulder to shoulder to PEACEFULLY bring about the change we want to see in the world!

So drop the shackles and get onboard, not only at Barton Moss but everywhere, change is all around us all the time and we must rise above the fear and embrace it! Start off lightly by visiting the Moss and meeting people at the camp, no-one will twist your arm and make you do anything. There are many many safe places to be when the trucks come in where you will have zero chance of being arrested, but by the very nature of you being there you are showing your support. Make banners, bring food, participate in online debates, Facebook, Twitter, talk to your friends about fracking, research and inform……..become a vehicle for change and stop looking over your shoulder, your strength will lie in your honesty and your intent…. the truth is coming and the truth will set you free! You are not a slave, you are not a number and you are not alone!!!!!!



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