BBC North West On Fracking in Upton One Mile from Chester Zoo

What’s your opinion on this short news article from BBC North West?


6 thoughts on “BBC North West On Fracking in Upton One Mile from Chester Zoo

  1. igas had no planning to explore for shale, only CBM. I also believe they have gone ahead with a mini frack, how else would they know there is gas when they are saying it will take around 6 months to test the samples.

  2. I have been out talking to my neighbours today about fracking they really don’t know how dangerous and toxic fracking is their mouths fell open and I told them they would have difficulty in getting their homes insured against fracking and apart from this it could possibly ruin our water table and cause deformities in our children and in our wild life . If the companies go bust it will be down to the tax payer to fund their clean up operation . we will not have cheaper gas it will be sold abroad , the wells will be a real blot on our country side , stop the frackers !!

  3. Our objections to the use of High Pressure, High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing aka Fracking are being ignored or even ridiculed. We have no choice but to employ peaceful protest at every site where the Oil/gas industry plans to drill. This means Protection Camps will be established as soon as possible to defend every community affected.

  4. I do not want poisoned water which is a by-product of fracking, a fact conveniently ignored by John Blymires. I want this for myself, for my children and their children. The protection camps are not extremists, they are like me and they do what I cannot do, I have responsibilities to a sick relative and cannot be on site but I am forever grateful to those who do protect our water from this poison, toxic process. I pop down from time to time and take some cooked food, clean water and biscuits, it’s the least I can do.

  5. At no point have the public asked for toxic drilling to be carried out under their houses or farmland. On the contrary, an independent survey shows that most people want investment in renewable energy – solar and wind in particular – rather than more development of dangerous fossil fuels which are guaranted to increase climate change and worsen the flooding of the UK.
    This is simply the enrichment of private companies at the expense of both the the public and the landscape.
    There remains no independent reports abot this issue on the mainstream media. All that is shown is another statement by the boss of the company making the profits and some mention that “Some people” are unhappy about this. In fact, anywhere where fracking has been done, the local people have been completely against it.

  6. John blaymires says ‘I believe it can be done safely’ and goes on to say ‘we need to be sure that it is commercially viable’ in other words, his ‘belief’ in safety is less important than the commercial aspect. Until that mind set changes, these people should not be allowed to operate. Fracking is NOT safe and it will NOT benefit the local community or the U. K. at large, quite the opposite.

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