Will The Barton Blockade Happen Come September

Can we save this land from the horror of being fractured and poisened

By Colin Gong  (Please click link to go to original posts and comments and Facebook)

So the Ligas activity has pretty much abated for the time being and the dust has settled , and it is the last night on the moss for Olive and I  …. we are poised ready to lift our anchor in the morning and set sails back towards our ‘normal’ life.

Colin and Olive at Barton Moss (left and right) ... Image by Peter Yankowski

Colin and Olive at Barton Moss (left and right) … Image by Peter Yankowski

For the last 4 months our life has been pretty much spent on the moss so it has been home for us for this while , and we have done all we could see to do to defend it during our time here . It has been a pleasure and a privilege to stand with all you people here , locals and migrants alike .

With the easing of the intensity over these last days I have been assimilating and reviewing where things are now placed , in terms of the struggle to save this land from the horror of being fractured and poisoned .

All the signs we can read say that are igas are lining themselves up to return later in the year , and have their sights firmly set on doing what to me , and to many others , is simply unthinkable .

And sadly there are no signs visible that say Salford Council , our Government , the EA or the HSE are going to do anything other than be complicit with Igas in the crime of wilful ecocide .

So from where I am looking , right now the mosses and the communities around them are looking very very vunerable to the unthinkable – to having the living daylight fracked out of them .

Seeing this , I feel far from easy with leaving the area at this juncture… … but we have to go – the circumstances of life do not give us an option to stay.  To moderate my dis ease at having to leave , I air these questions for the thinkers and strategists of the campaign , which must surely be ongoing :

What is going to happen when they return?

In the light of all recent evidence it would be niave or foolish to think the Government or the Council or EA or HSE might suddenly start doing their job properly and protect the mosses and the communities around them ….

….so who or what is going to protect when the frackers return? …

We can be fairly confident that Peel and Igas between them will make sure that a camp of incoming migrants can not land so easily this time … and who knows how many of them will be in a position to return then anyway? – other campaigns , jobs , some even in prison?

So the main thrust of the next phase will need a LOT more local people to be stirred and ready to act… the numbers of active locals who are sufficiently aware of the nature of the threat to be willing to stand (or sit) on the B M Road in defence of the community has slowly but surely risen over the course of the last 5 months …
….but it is still so far sure of where it will need to be in 5 or 6 months time .

How many would it take anyway ? 500? , 1,000? , 3,000?

Will the threat of fracking mean enough , to enough local folk by then ? … will the rising awareness have arisen enough by then?  …. can we just sit back and hope/trust that will have happened by the time the frackers return? ….
or again , in the light of recent evidence , is that a naive and foolish way to go?

I have to say that if we were more ‘rooted’ here , and were set to be living here this year and next year and the one after , I don’t think I would be resting for more than a minute just now ….
….I would be calling together as a matter of urgency the biggest group of committed strategic thinkers I could muster …
… to ask the questions and brain-storm them , ‘how can enough local folk be sufficiently be informed and stirred so they are ready to step forwards to protect the community when the frackers return?’ ….

The Bentley Blockade is currently happening in Oz ….

And I think it may well come down to a point where NOTHING else is going to protect the Mosses and the nearby communities from the onslaught of this insanity , apart from the people of those communities themselves..

The BARTON BLOCKADE may well need to happen …

… and I don’t see it is going to happen out of nowhere … people get ready ….

Of course we will come if we possibly can .


2 thoughts on “Will The Barton Blockade Happen Come September

  1. Wise and powerful words.. Food for thought…. imagine in 10 to 15 years from now, possibly not even that long. The land has been irradiated, The water table has been poisoned and drinking water has (as a result of this) become such a valuable commodity and so expensive that people are willing to fight to the death for it…. Imagine when your little cherubs, brought into this world with love and hope ask you,,, Mum/Dad, why did you do nothing to prevent this from happening?? What were you doing in light of the overwhelming and substantial evidence that this fracking lark would be a bad idea?? Why did you not fight for the survival of not just yourself,, but for the very survival of all mankind, the survival of Mother Earth? Now close your eyes and imagine looking into their innocent eyes and think just this one thing… What will you tell them??? Too busy?? Working too hard to give sustenance and pay bills simply to allow ourselves to survive for the weeks work that follows?? Make no mistake that this is far from any conspiracy theory. This is not about conspiracy, it’s purely and simply about fact and your willingness to go out there and question everything. Why would any government forge ahead with something so inherently damaging? Research the companies that are involved. Research who has vested interests in said companies and then research again those people…. Banks are pouring millions of pounds into this bullshit and we all know how much we can trust the banks… I’ve said before on Facebook that in a world of information such as this… ignorance truly is a choice. Truth is that it boils down to this.. will you die in a few years fighting for what little water may still be left… (shutting the barn door after the horde has bolted) or do you join the rising tide of resistance and fight to save our water and land now?? You may think I’m crazy but what you think of me is of no consequence… I shall take no pleasure when you come to me in 10 years or less and say OMG Wayne you were right… No pleasure at all. The time to protect and prevent is now, the time to fight is now, the time die is now. To end I shall sign off with this… My kids won’t be asking me what I was doing, they will already know. I was doing all within my power to put a stop to it, prepared to put my life on the line for that in which I so strongly believe. Collectively, through the medium of social media and the Internet, we have the power to change the world…. If we only realize that it’s us the 99%, that have the power to save it, then we could use that same power to change it.

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