$3 Million Settlement in 1st Fracking Case To Ever Go To Court

Aruba Settles $3 Million Dollars in First Ever Fracking Case To Go To Trial.

Aruba Settles $3 Million Dollars in First Ever Fracking Case To Go To Trial.

When you present the evidence to six people who know nothing about fracking, they find fracking guilty.

TXsharon wrote a diary on Daily Kos when Lisa Parr’s doctor found drilling chemicals in her blood and lungs. That was back in 2010 when she still had hope that fracking could be done right. We’ve all learned since then that it can’t.

Today, a jury of their peers awarded Bob and Lisa Parr $3 million dollars in their fracking lawsuit against Aruba Petroleum. The Parr’s attorneys said this was the first fracking case to ever go to trial.

They were surrounded by gas wells.

Lisa’s suffered from
Breathing difficulties
Rashes that left her scarred with pock-marks.
She had biopsies of the oozing welts on her scalp and the 4 ping-pong-ball-sized lumps on her neck.
Testing showed drilling chemicals in Lisa’s blood and lungs that match chemicals detected by the state in air testing outside her home.
She had a whole host of other ailments.

Bob and Emma also suffered various health impacts.

Tonight Lisa told me they won’t have to end up in the Cycle of Fracking Denial so they can speak openly about what happened to them. She said, “This was never about the money. This was about our land.”

The author has blogged extensively about the sins of Aruba Petroleum. From her view, they are one of the most irresponsible and reckless companies in a plethora of reckless and irresponsible companies.

Aruba intends to appeal the jury’s decision. That means it will go to the Texas courts where judges are soaked in oil and gas money.


UPDATE: Here is a blog post by one of their attorneys.

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