Frackings First Political Prisoner

Kate McCann - Frackings First Political Prisoner

Kate McCann – Frackings First Political Prisoner



“Unbelievable! Anyone would think he’d committed murder to be treated like this!”

Barton Moss protector, Kate McCannn, was remanded in custody for six months by a judge at Manchester Crown Court yesterday until his trial begins on October 9th.

Kate McCann was one of the most prominent and passionate protectors active at the Barton Moss Community Camp in Salford, participating in lock-ons, slow lorry walks and educating people to the dangers of fracking.

Originally charged, like many others, with `aggravated trespass’ on Barton Moss Road which led to the IGas exploratory drilling site, Kate, like many others, was also bailed not to go back to the site by Greater Manchester Police. Most people who had these conditions attached to their arrest charges broke the bail conditions the next morning, in order to get their cases taken to court and get the conditions lifted.

The Salford Star understands that Kate went back to the site on the final week of the Camp to help clear up and was also arrested for breeching bail conditions – but was remanded in custody, firstly for two and a half weeks, and, yesterday, for over five months, making a total of over six months until his trial on October 9th.

The judge’s decision provoked outrage and shock, as the original offence apparently wouldn’t have carried anything like a six month custodial sentence, even if proved guilty.

Justice For Kate facebook site has been set up (see here), while supporters have taken to numerous social networking sites to voice their anger…

“Unbelievable! Anyone would think he’d committed murder to be treated like this!”

“Clifford convicted guilty by jury on multiple child grooming offences gets bailed pending sentencing. We have an innocent protector inside for trumped up charges…..With no perceived risk of breaching bail again as there is no fucking activities at the location…feel so angry…”

“Cruel, wicked, wrong…”

The Barton Moss Camp stated “An incredible travesty of justice! This is a political prisoner, incarcerated for protecting your land and your water. Please share this, please carry on making your voices heard. Let them know they cannot get away with this. Let them know we are outraged and disgusted by this deeply unjustified treatment of our peaceful protector. FREE KATE NOW! JUSTICE FOR THE PROTECTORS!”

Simon Pook, of Robert Lizar Solicitors which are handling the case, added: “I’m concerned that this does seem extremely harsh and I’m fully committed to looking at the law and how we can bring about a positive resolution for him.”

Bez is due to visit Kate in prison, while supporters are urging people to write their letters of support to Kate…

K McCann
Wing A311
HM Prison
Winson Green Rd
West Midlands
B18 4AS

* Please be aware that all letters are read by prison officers before being passed to Kate.

People can also donate towards the Free Kate fund via the facebook site Justice for Kate – Barton Moss Fracktivist

UPDATE 11pm – the Habeus Corpus application to free Kate tomorrow has been postponed due to developments in the case.


A word from me …

Kate you are an inspiration … a beautiful human being … you have been so wronged but the least we can do from this traversty is to raise even more awareness to the corruption, lies and horrendous greed that is Fracking … Always With Love … Denise ❤ xxx


3 thoughts on “Frackings First Political Prisoner

  1. Kate is one of the most kindest and gentle souls you will ever come across in your life. To imprison him merely goes to show just how twisted our justice system really is. Never violent, never abusive, always pleasant and has never committed a criminal offence. How does this warrant what the CPS and GMP are doing? It does not, it cannot and it never will be justified. Kate has my support 100% always has and always will.
    Love to you my friend, stay strong and always smile that beautiful smile of yours.
    Marie xx

  2. Tammy Samede
    April 28 at 7:27pm
    Got home from the moss to find letters from kate,obviously I won’t share stuff personal to me and him but here’s what I can share with you,my beautiful tribe,,..
    “It’s Monday morning and I’m still buzzing from all of you being outside the jail,was a little down yesterday,when they came and told me you and the tribe was outside,it was wicked.i filled in the form for registered numbers yesterday,it only takes up to four numbers (he draws a sad face here).
    I don’t want you to think about me getting out too early babe,just in cell m8 couldn’t believe you was all outside,nor could the screws.i never knew I was entitled to a reception visit babe,I really want to see you .but when they said “your partner was there”I was beaming.
    I didn’t fill out a visit form cos I thought time would pass quick and I didn’t want you to struggle getting the train fare.but it seems you have other ideas,I love you tammy do make me laugh.
    It’s been a slow few days,I’ve got no smokes either.the phone rang of yesterday but babe your so good letting the tribe talk to me when you only get a couple of minutes with me.
    I managed to hear you guys outside it was awesome!tell di she saved me life and the others sending funds in.i will soon be back on track,lots to change and a few new ideas ,and new strategies I’ve been thinking about.this year has taught me a lot.
    Give my love to everyone please.”
    And then another letter which he said –
    “Fracking is stoppable another world is possible.
    It’s a bit trippy this end babe.did ya get the van moved to Marie’s?tell her hello please.any news in the job?aint right you haven’t to work I oughta be there looking after you but your a stubborn bugger and that’s why I love ya innit.give the kids and the tribe my love.
    The judge said he thought I’d break my bail but FFs there’s no camp to break bail with!
    Give my love to nick please,I was a bit worried bout him cos he and me had words but only cos we was stressed,tell him I love him will ya babe?
    I’ve been moved into a wing,they gave me me own clothes but not me boots.gutted,ya know how I love me boots.
    There’s lots for me to think about right now,I’ve been telling as many people as I can bout the fracking.a couple of guards seem to know all bout it.
    I’ve heard fuck all from lizars I’m not happy,they’ve left me to rot babe.
    I’m dying for a coffee
    Give my love to everyone ?”

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