Man wearing pig mask and toy police officer’s helmet arrested for impersonating an officer

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Well, where to begin with this one?

A dis-grunt-led Steven Peers was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer. He was in Manchester City Centre wearing a toy police officer’s hat, a pig mask and a hi-vis jacket.


The MEN reports:

Steven Peers said he has often donned the mock outfit to perform ‘comical parodies’ of Greater Manchester Police after becoming unhappy with how officers behaved during the Barton Moss anti-fracking protests.

He was reportedly filming sketches when he was stopped by an officer who asked questions about his outfit. He was arrested (without resistance so no need for a hambulance) detained for 8 hours and then bailed. The outfit was confiscated.

Peers huffed and puffed and said: ‘It’s ridiculous’…’ It’s just a parody making fun of GMP. I’ve dressed like this at Barton Moss, in front of Swinton police station and in front…

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Welcome to the East Yorkshire Protectors

On Friday 9th May 2014 protectors arrived at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton well site in East Yorkshire.

On Sunday 11th May protectors arrived at Rathlin Energy’s Crawberry Hill site near Walkington, East Yorkshire.

West Newton Camp HU11 5DA

The camps are in their infancy and help with calls for support are much appreciated.

Rathlin Energy have already drilled two wells, Crawberry Hill 2700m and West Newton 3250m.  Both wells have drilled through and beneath the chalk aquifer of Yorkshire and down in to the Bowland Shale.

Rathlin Energy applied to the Environemnt Agency to conduct a mini frack on the Bowland Shale at both wells in Februay 2014.  This was granted by the Environment Agency early May 2014.  Rathlin Energy have to give 14 days notice to East Riding of Yorkshire Council before going back on either sites to do further work and tests

More info and link to site below … Get involved ans show your support:



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Could this be the first deaths caused by a Fracking Mudslide

Below are 3 news reports regarding this horrendous tragedy.  Only one mentions oil and gas companies and only very briefly.  The Youtube video above tells a whole different story.  It seems very likely that the mudslide has been caused by hydraulic fracking.…/three-missing-colorado…

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Dead Babies and Utah’s Carbon Bomb

A drilling rig operated by Nabers Co. drilling on land leased by the Bill Barrett Corporation from the federal government near Vernal, Utah, March 21, 2012. (Photo: Jim Wilson / The New York Times)

A drilling rig operated by Nabers Co. drilling on land leased by the Bill Barrett Corporation from the federal government near Vernal, Utah, March 21, 2012. (Photo: Jim Wilson / The New York Times)

A sudden and extreme spike in neonatal mortality in Utah’s rural Uinta Basin is most probably related to the toxic air pollution related to the fossil fuel drilling/fracking frenzy in Eastern Utah. And the local poobahs want to kill the messenger.

Donna Young is a midwife in Vernal, Utah, with 20 years experience managing home births in Idaho and Utah. She lives in the Uinta Basin, the heart of the fossil fuel drilling/fracking frenzy in Eastern Utah. On May 8, 2013, she had her first stillbirth. At the funeral service a few days later, she noted what seemed like an extraordinary number of infant graves with recent dates at the cemetery. She decided to investigate.

She didn’t get any help from local authorities, but eventually information gleaned from obituaries and mortuaries revealed 12 cases of neonatal mortality (most of them stillborn, or death shortly after birth), in 2013. Looking back to 2010 revealed a modest upward trend, but then a huge spike in 2013. This is sparsely populated rural Utah. Vernal is a town of fewer than 10,000 people. But per capita, this is a neonatal mortality six times the national average. It is actually worse than it appears. National infant mortality rates have been dropping slowly and steadily for almost 50 years, including about a 10 to 15 percent drop in the last decade. Furthermore, most of Utah is about 50 percent Mormon, so the rate of drinking and smoking is less than the national average throughout the state. The minority population in rural Utah, like Vernal, is very low, and the percentage of Mormons is even higher, both of which should lower the infant mortality rates, all other things being equal

What is going on in Utah’s Uinta Basin to explain newborn babies dying? An abrupt surge in teenage mothers, drug, alcohol use? No evidence of that. Is there a genetic explanation? Genes don’t change that quickly. Is there a sudden onset of medical incompetence by the area’s health-care providers? No reason to think so. That leaves one other possibility. Is there something happening in the environment? As a matter of fact, yes.

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Russell Brand Wants to Know About Fracking Finances

Specifically in regard to why the Sun Newspaper should actually be promoting this dangerous and highly controversial practice. Of course he alludes to the money involved but just where does it fit in and how?

In response to various tweets he received he tweed this link:

But this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface and so a few of us from various Facebook Anti-Fracking pages have sent him a few more helpful links.

Firstly I sent him the link to this blog page which has now had over 6000 views, over 2000 Facebook shares and is still to top viewed post on the blog every day.

Still Wondering Why The UK Government Is Willing To Frack The Hell Out Of Us Despite Overwhelming Evidence Of The Horrendous Dangers?

Still Wondering Why The UK Government Is Willing To Frack The Hell Out Of Us Despite Overwhelming Evidence Of The Horrendous Dangers?

The next one for me was a really interesting on as I hadn’t seen it before:

I also invited Russell to Join our Facebook Page:

Others are still tweeting Russel @rustyrockets and I will of course get back to you with any updates.

As always I would also welcome your comments and any shares or re-blogs to help spread the message about the horrendous dangers of fracking far and wide.

We CAN stop it in the UK if we rise up and stand together.


Frack You … I’m Alright Jack

MP Peter Lilley has received more than $400,000

in oil company share options

Analysis shows full extent of climate sceptic’s financial interests in oil industry and places committee role under further scrutiny

But first let’s watch Vanessa Vine of  Bitain and Ireland Frack Free, tell Peter Lilley on national TV that, without a doubt he is a liar.

And now from The Guardian

The Conservative MP Peter Lilley, one of only three MPs who voted against the Climate Change Act, has received share options worth at least $400,000 from an oil company, Guardian analysis has revealed.

Lilley’s links to the oil industry have long been declared by the former cabinet member. But the revelation about the full extent of his financial interests will place him under further scrutiny in his new role as a member of the Commons select committee on energy and climate change, which will be quizzing the energy and climate secretary, Ed Davey, about the energy bill on Tuesday.

Since 2006, Lilley has been a non-executive board member of Tethys Petroleum, a Cayman Islands-based oil and gas company with drilling operations in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In the register of MPs’ financial interests, Lilley has routinely declared that he receives a quarterly payment from Tethys for “attending meetings and advising on business developments”. The latest quarterly payment registered by Lilley on 1 October was £11,750 for 30 hours’ work, meaning he has received £47,000 over the past year.

But the Guardian has discovered Lilley has also been granted share options valued by the company at the time they were granted at $428,399, in addition to other share options that have not been given a clear financial valuation. Under parliament’s code of conduct, he is not required to disclose details about the precise value or volume of any shareholding.

Tethys’ financial public filing reports show that Lilley was granted $107,290 worth of share options in 2011, $194,350 in 2010, $57,040 in 2009, and $69,719 in 2008. In 2007, Lilley was granted 150,000 share options, but a financial valuation was not expressed in the documents.

Tethys is currently publicly listed on stock exchanges in Toronto, London and Kazakhstan. Its share price in London has fallen sharply since recording a record high in March. Tethys reported last week that it had “seen a substantial increase in oil production and revenue from the Doris oil field in Kazakhstan” in 2012, and that overall the company had seen a “46% increase in production revenues over the third quarter of last year”.

Lilley did not respond to the Guardian’s invitation to comment. A Tethys spokeswoman said: “We have no comment except that all of the options are currently out of the money and none have been exercised to date.” The term “out of the money” means the company’s stock price is currently lower than the share option’s “strike price” and would, therefore, result in a loss if exercised now.

As a new member of the Commons energy and climate change select committee, Lilley is expected to declare any relevant interests to the committee’s clerk upon his first appearance, which took place last week. Next Tuesday, the committee will recommence its inquiry into shale gas. The minutes of any interests or information declared by Lilley to the clerk is not expected to be published for at least a month, but the Guardian understands that, as a committee member, he is not obliged to declare anything beyond that required in the MPs’ register of financial interests.

When Lilley was appointed to the committee last month, Caroline Lucas, the Green party MP, said: “That Conservative MPs have voted Lilley, a senior oil industry figure and well-known climate sceptic, to serve on the parliamentary committee tasked with scrutinising the UK’s climate and energy policy is a clear sign that anti-green, anti-science forces are gaining ground.”

She added: “Lilley’s position as an oil executive means that he is likely to be far more concerned with the short-term profits of the dinosaur polluting fossil fuel barons than tackling the huge threat posed by climate change – or recognising the opportunities of switching to a green economy.”

Lilley recently wrote a report – which failed to declare his oil industry interests – for Lord Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Foundation, in which he criticised the “failings” of the influential Stern review of the economics of climate change published in 2006. In September, Lilley wrote to the BBC’s director of editorial policy and standards to complain about the broadcaster’s “systemic bias” in its climate change reporting.

Last week, a covert Greenpeace video was released showing Lilley calling Greg Barker, the Conservative energy minister and an enthusiastic backer of renewable energy, a “complete nutter”.

In the video, Lilley said that the chancellor, George Osborne, “wanted to get people into key [government] positions who could begin to get the government off the hook from the [climate] commitments it made very foolishly.” He added: “We could well see certainly amendments to the Climate Change Act, cease to make it legally binding, make it advisory.”

Lilley described the covert recording as “deplorable”. He added: “I would happily have given an interview making the same points if they had approached me honestly … I have never discussed climate policy with the chancellor or anyone speaking for him.”

• This article originally said “the term “out of the money” means the company’s stock price is currently higher than the share option’s “strike price””. Higher has been corrected to lower.

Frackings First Political Prisoner

Kate McCann - Frackings First Political Prisoner

Kate McCann – Frackings First Political Prisoner



“Unbelievable! Anyone would think he’d committed murder to be treated like this!”

Barton Moss protector, Kate McCannn, was remanded in custody for six months by a judge at Manchester Crown Court yesterday until his trial begins on October 9th.

Kate McCann was one of the most prominent and passionate protectors active at the Barton Moss Community Camp in Salford, participating in lock-ons, slow lorry walks and educating people to the dangers of fracking.

Originally charged, like many others, with `aggravated trespass’ on Barton Moss Road which led to the IGas exploratory drilling site, Kate, like many others, was also bailed not to go back to the site by Greater Manchester Police. Most people who had these conditions attached to their arrest charges broke the bail conditions the next morning, in order to get their cases taken to court and get the conditions lifted.

The Salford Star understands that Kate went back to the site on the final week of the Camp to help clear up and was also arrested for breeching bail conditions – but was remanded in custody, firstly for two and a half weeks, and, yesterday, for over five months, making a total of over six months until his trial on October 9th.

The judge’s decision provoked outrage and shock, as the original offence apparently wouldn’t have carried anything like a six month custodial sentence, even if proved guilty.

Justice For Kate facebook site has been set up (see here), while supporters have taken to numerous social networking sites to voice their anger…

“Unbelievable! Anyone would think he’d committed murder to be treated like this!”

“Clifford convicted guilty by jury on multiple child grooming offences gets bailed pending sentencing. We have an innocent protector inside for trumped up charges…..With no perceived risk of breaching bail again as there is no fucking activities at the location…feel so angry…”

“Cruel, wicked, wrong…”

The Barton Moss Camp stated “An incredible travesty of justice! This is a political prisoner, incarcerated for protecting your land and your water. Please share this, please carry on making your voices heard. Let them know they cannot get away with this. Let them know we are outraged and disgusted by this deeply unjustified treatment of our peaceful protector. FREE KATE NOW! JUSTICE FOR THE PROTECTORS!”

Simon Pook, of Robert Lizar Solicitors which are handling the case, added: “I’m concerned that this does seem extremely harsh and I’m fully committed to looking at the law and how we can bring about a positive resolution for him.”

Bez is due to visit Kate in prison, while supporters are urging people to write their letters of support to Kate…

K McCann
Wing A311
HM Prison
Winson Green Rd
West Midlands
B18 4AS

* Please be aware that all letters are read by prison officers before being passed to Kate.

People can also donate towards the Free Kate fund via the facebook site Justice for Kate – Barton Moss Fracktivist

UPDATE 11pm – the Habeus Corpus application to free Kate tomorrow has been postponed due to developments in the case.


A word from me …

Kate you are an inspiration … a beautiful human being … you have been so wronged but the least we can do from this traversty is to raise even more awareness to the corruption, lies and horrendous greed that is Fracking … Always With Love … Denise ❤ xxx