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Colin Gong at Barton Moss Image by Peter Yankowski

Colin Gong at Barton Moss Image by Peter Yankowski

So Igas have completed their operations on Barton Moss for the time being and are now in the process of withdrawing.

There is the prospect that they will want to be back in six months time and go full steam ahead with their fracking , but before they could do that they have to apply for and be granted planning permission first , right ?
…. we have been told all along that they will not be able to frack until they have applied for planning permission to do so , right ?

… and we have been told that then , Salford Council will weigh up the application on it’s merits , right ? … and make a balanced judgement call , fully mindful of the safety of local residents , right ?

Well , what about this then ….

I got chatting to someone close to the site this morning who has little or no interest in fracking or the camp .
He said to me ‘so they are coming back in September then’ …

I replied ‘well personally , I think they may wait till the onset of winter again , I think October or November are more likely ‘ …

He then said ‘No , it is September – I have been told the actual date this morning , I think it was the 26th September . Half an hour ago I bumped into a policeman I have known a little bit for years , and he told me he had already been told that he would be back here on the moss on the 26th September ,… I think it was the 26th he said , I can’t remember for certain the exact date he said , but he definately said a date and it was in September’ .

I am sharing that just in case anyone thinks the extra planning application they have to submit to Salford City Council before fracking is anything other than a paperwork exercise…

Lets be really clear about this – it is purely a case of them being seen to be going through the motions ….

…. but it is all a paper thin charade …. LITERALLY !

As most of us are aware , the decisions around this are being made from places way distant to Salford City Council , or rather HAVE BEEN MADE . The Council have obviously been put in a horrible position by having been told this has got to happen and that they are the ones who have to let it happen .

They do still have some decisions to make over the coming months though …. like how are they going to pull this off without being lynched by the local populace ? .. or without all their offices going into permanent lock down due to peaceful direct action by Salford / Swinton / Irlam residents who can no longer contain their outrage at this blatant sell out of their health and the health of all future generations???

The reason I am flagging up the nature of these processes is to heighten again what I trust is the growing awareness , especially amongst all active locals , that the only thing that is realistically ever going to stop this patent insanity is Peaceful Non-violent Direct Action by ordinary people …

It will not be enough to rely on those few hardcore direct action warriors who have visited for the last 4 or 5 months … … if this is going to be stopped , hardcore ordinary people are also going to have to stand to be counted .

The question will have to be asked repeatedly … what are you more afraid of – an arrest and the wrath of a corrupt state ? … or having soaring cancer and lukemia rates , water shortages , food fights etc., and knowing you could have done more to have stopped it and you didn’t ?


Barton Moss anti-fracking camp ends with a party and litter-pick

Barton Moss Camp ... A major influence in the world wide war against fracking

Barton Moss Camp … A major influence in the world wide war against fracking

The protest against test drilling by fracking company Igas on Barton Moss, Salford, Greater Manchester, is coming to an end. The camp has been on Barton Moss Lane since November last year with the Protectors delaying vehicles entering and leaving the site by daily ‘slow walks’ in front of the Igas vehicles.

Igas’s operation by up to a month, and during that time public opinion on fracking has gone from 43% in favour (1) to 73% against (2) and their share price has collapsed wiping £80 million off the value of the company (3).

Frack Free Greater Manchester hopes that the continued presence of the camp, the three large rallies at the drilling at the site and the UK’s largest ever march against fracking in Manchester City Centre on 9th March 2014 has convinced Igas that they have no social license to frack in Greater Manchester.

On Saturday evening there will be a party on the Moss with Salford rap artists Class Actions.

From Sunday local supporters will start to clear the site, picking up litter and moving equipment to other protest sites.

Sasha Conway, one of the Protectors who camped through the winter at Barton Moss said “This has been a long and hard first part of this campaign. If Igas return, we will be back here.”

Martin Porter of Frack Free Greater Manchester said  “The Protectors have endured the elements with stoicism and have met aggression with humour. They have done without most of what the rest of us would consider the basics of human civilization and in doing so have not only survived but found a community spirit that is so lacking in the rest of our society.They have been sustained by local people and have in turn inspired a local community.”

Source Frack Free Manchester

Further Coverage From The Salford Star  and  The Manchester Evening News


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Apologies if I missed anyone but please feel free to leave your comments and good wishes on this page … You can also leave a link to your Facebook page in the message if you like 🙂

To all the dirty stinkin hippies out getting their hair and make up done and shopping for those new exciting clothes for the leaving party later……Enjoy, you have fought well and deserve much, much more than I expect you will get. You have earned untold respect from many and are held in high esteem across the World who watched you daily on Global Occupy News Network.

To the people of Salford, you have shown that the North on Britain has not changed much in terms of the people. You opened your doors and your hearts, fed, watered and comforted manVy warriors. Some became warriors, names will not be forgotten.

Thank you all, it isn’t over and this will be merely au revoir.

Barton Moss Lane became part of our lives daily, a rather different Coronation Street with much better characters – I shall miss the daily episodes but it was always about bringing it to an end.

Big ❤  to you all…

Carl Green


I’m sat at camp

Feeling sad but excited bout the next chapter in this defending the earth adventure

I’m looking around at the face of people I love, remembering….

The firs day I arrived, the beatings by the TAU, the laughs with some of the cops, the love and solidarity of the tribe, the new strong friendships I’ve formed, the cop that kissed me cheek and said a tearful goodbye, the arguments, the parties, the dancing, the marches, direct actions, days in cells, courtrooms, bail sheets, lock ons, pit fires, drumming, song’s, smiles, tears, fatigue….

I will never forget


Tammy Samede


Hope you all have a great day today, so sorry I can’t be there with you to say Au Revoir. Much love to you all  ❤

Linda Roben Davies


Some of our camp protectors have gone on to new sites and camps,,,,,,,,,,,tonight we have a farewell party from 6 pm with a camp cleanup tomorrow ……please try and make one of the events ,,,,,,,,,,,and remember we the locals still have a large number of chores and tasks to do …as LiarGas have only gone away to get their plans together for fracking………plus we have Davyhulme in the pipeline ( so to speak )

Defo Biggerthan


i would just like to say goodbye for the time being until we meet up again in september to all my friends down at the barton moss protectors camp. its with a heavy heart i say this. you will be missed and a big thank you….not bad for a bunch of smelly hippies eh…keep safe and keep up the good…

Michael Batty


I’m sorry I can’t make it today to the farewell barton moss party. It’s been the first thing in my head and the last thing in my head every day since November. Indeed some nights I haven’t slept for Barton legal arguments racing through my head and having to stay awake to work through my thoughts.

It’s been an unexpected journey and one which continues to be a major priority for me and an extension of my existing personal fight for the last few years.

I have met some truely amazing people and this is not the end perhaps just the start of what this year is really about and how we the people must change within to find ourselves and then once we have healed ourselves we can go on to heal others and our environment which the corporations and governments are hell bent on destroying for nothing more than financial gains whilst they instill fear violence and control and compliance techniques to get you right where they want you.

Paying into their system which gives you and your family NO RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT

A system which enslaves you and traps you into the wrong types of thinking when you need to look outside of the system for answers. You need to look at others who are like minded and have been through similar life changing events where they had to change themselves for the better and their family or face being tortured by the state regularly feeling helpless and violated and struggling.

Gone are them days. We have no fear. We are the protectors and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and when we unite together we can achieve anything.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are no differences no segregations. We are all brothers and sisters. Ignore the tell lie vision and the main stream media propaganda and do your own thing get out and talk to people in your community. Help people in your community. Build a community of love. Question people who simply want to do a job for the money it brings in. If you hate something fix it. Change it. Do it.

There are no barriers apart from our own fears and our own ignorance which stems from indoctrination and brain washing from the very system which was at one point controlling all of us.

Ignore the divide and rule tactics they put out. Unite together get stronger by the hour.

I love everyone who has been a part of BARTON MOSS PROTECTION CAMP.

Thank you to all of you.

See you soon


Richard Carter


Bye bye lovely people. It was great to meet you. Maybe see some of you down the road somewhere. Have a great party, wish I could join you. Oh, and don’t get nicked! xx

Granar Chist


Farewell Barton Moss. Me and Tracy will miss the camp. We met lots of beautiful people there be it on the slow marches or sitting round the camp fire. We will even miss gmp a bit with their ‘good mornings’ knowing that they will arrest anything that moved. Thankyou for the memories, Colin Gong, Kieren, Lardo, Guinnevere, Tammy, McGann Ickle,Tristan, Wayne, Tigger, Vanda, Angela, Peaceful Dan, Tina UK, Carmen and every Protector. This isn’t goodbye cos I know that we will all meet again at Upton or even the Moss. We love you all. Love and peace from Fizz and Tracy.  x

Stephen Freeman DrunkenNinja


Finally I’d like to add my own good wishes to all to you beautiful people who have worked so hard in such extreme conditions, (including terrible police violence) to raise awareness of the horrendous dangers of fracking.  You have inspired so many people, myself included, to get involved in whatever way we can and to spread the word.

Wherever you all go on to next may you all stay safe.

Always With Love … Denise ❤ xxx



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