Fracking Banned In So Many Countries But Not UK

Why is it that fracking has been banned in so many states of the UK and many other countries in Europe, including France and Germany.

This video, from an Australian news channel will give you an insight into the awful truth of the corrupt, corporate greed behind fracking the UK.


Denise Patton … My Own Thoughts on Fracking

Wherever you are … this vile and corrupt practice is coming to your doorstep soon … educate yourselves and stand up to it while you still can. If you don’t, then the whole of the world will become a toxic cesspit. Our government don’t give a damn … why? … because they have shares in it and homes in Frack Free countries … There is a mainstream media blackout of the truth. People please make your stand quickly before your water is polluted, your children are born with birth defects, your animals and wildlife are wiped out. Fracking is being railroaded through in the UK having been banned in several other countries … it WILL result in disasters including earthquakes. There is a saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned … mother earth is anything but happy right now!!!!!!!!!