Captain Closer on Fracking in the UK

Fracking and Livestock Deaths

Fracking and Livestock Deaths


I don’t actually know who Captain Closer is … I “met” him on a business forum I belonged to for around 4 years.  He always seemed very much in the know about politics and current affairs.  I was banned from that particular forum around 4 years ago, along with several other people who were exposing various things.  Anyway I recently joined another very small business forum to get some advice on the best way to reach the widest possible audience regarding the dangers of fracking.

This was what Capatain Closer had to say on the subject:

Yeah, well Greenham Common was 30 + years ago but most of them protestors are dead or double deluded if they think they can make any difference to the greedy and malignant pro frackers. The anti fox hunting mob are Britains version of something horrible from middle earth or middle Europe or in my opinion the Middle Ages. Look at them- They do not count as they have their day trips to the country to snare a fox hunter. Bah humbug.

An interesting fact is that there ain’t no great stomach in many Countries and some states in USA (Texas will not have it for example). New Jersey, home of the Sopranos will rub you out if you frack. Colorado, Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania
and many other huge areas will not allow it.

If you look at your history books you will see that we were once allowed to call the French stupid. Well there is nothing stupid about their complete fracking ban.
Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain all these are clear on fracking.

We are an island. We should not be fracking. Look at the neighbours – Ireland -always quick to support a new money making scheme. Not a single fracking frack on the horizon.

Only fools rush in…look at all parties in Westminster, riddled with greed. That’s why we will be wasting huge natural resources …the pursuit of profit.

Of course we are fracking nuts to be doing it but frack we will. It’s a juggernaut now in the UK as all the non fracking countries rush to invest in UK fracking. Same as our utility companies.

The link shows the rest of the thread … I was banned shortly after this discussion because the forum owner had been warned by “several” members that I was trouble … interestingly these were the same members that helped get me banned from the original forum and are the only active members this particular forum has.