The World Against Fracking Solidarity Page

Bentley Camp

Thanks for getting in touch and sending such a sweet supportive message. I’ll definitely pass it on. I’m sure your wishes for success will be valued here by our mob, and returned to you in spades over there in Barton Moss. I guess you are following our Facebook page Gasfield Free Byron Shire as well as checking the website. It’s pretty busy there… Believe it or not, my own mother was born and brought up in Salford! Haunted libraries and record stores round Manchester in days of 78rpm – the late 20s and early 30s. I’m sure she’s lobbying for our success and yours from some ethereal realm. She did that original famous walk to reclaim the right to roam in open country. Perhaps your website would like to exchange links? All the best Param

Messages from the Bentley Camp


A Message from Afghanistan





2 thoughts on “The World Against Fracking Solidarity Page

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    I had a wonderful time in Byron Bay and a very warm welcome from the people there. This paradise is under threat and we should all support them in their fight against this awful and destructive process

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